Build a website with Obsidian & share your notes in minutes

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There's no need to learn about GitHub, CI/CD pipelines or online hosting providers.
In three simple steps, you can set up an online digital garden of your notes (like this website):
  1. Sign up for Markbase
  2. Download the Markbase for Obsidian plugin
  3. Create a project and choose the folder you want to upload online


  • Speedy load times
    • Fast internal links (client-side routing)
    • Statically generated pages
  • Changes go live in minutes! (Just change a file in Obsidian and press the Sync button)
  • Rapid, full-text search (seriously, try it!)
  • View backlinks and a local graph of your notes
  • Optimized for SEO
    • Statically generated
    • Auto-filled metadata for every page
    • Slugs based on your file names
    • Automatic sitemap generation
  • Mobile optimized
  • Hover links (try this one)
  • Dark/light mode
To see upcoming features/ones the community wants most, check out the public roadmap!

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